Чемпионат Европы «Формейшн» женщины

24 Мая 2014 года |Фленсбург, Германия

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Dear friends,

Enclosed you find the invitation papers for the World Championship 2014 for RR Girl Formation Main Class and for the Worldmasters RR Main Class, which will take place in Graz, Austria 11th October 2014.

All nominations must be forwarded by a respective national WRRC member. Any other individual or club nomination will be treated as void.

In order to prepare the competition in a professional manner, we kindly ask you to respect the deadline which is on 27th September 2014. This deadline is important for the announcement of your couples and formations.
The registration must be completed by using the registration tool of the WRRC.

Each country will receive two free backstage tickets for RR Main Class and one for each announced formation.
The names of the holders of backstage tickets must be announced in the WRRC registration system. Additional tickets can be ordered for € 20,-- each.

To avoid any misunderstandings regarding the rules, please read the information provided by WRRC.

Graz has a high number of nice hotels with very good quality standard. In four of these we have reserved a contingent for you. More details you can find below.

All further and detailed information to the competition can be found on the official homepage www.acrobatic.at!

Looking forward to welcome you in Graz!

With sporty regards

roman lampeter organizer 

Место проведения

Адрес: Friesische Lücke 17, 24937 Flensburg, Fördehalle

Пробы площадки в пятницу (18:00 – 22:00) и в субботу (8:00 – 13:00)